4 Qul (Read Online, Benefits and Download PDF)

4 Qul are four most Powerful Surahs in Quran. These Surahs are placed in the last part of Para Number 30. These Surahs are Commonly Recited for the Protection. These four Surahs are Makki Surahs.

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4 Qul Surah:

Here are names of four Surah of 4 Qul Shareef:

  1. Surah Kafiroon
  2. Surah Al Ikhlas
  3. Surah Falq
  4. Surah Nas

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Why these Surahs are called 4 Qul?

Qul is an Arabic Word and the meaning of Qul is “Say”. These are the last Surahs in QUran nd these all Surahs starts from the Word Qul. That is why these 4 surahs are Called four Qul.

Now we will discuss all four surahs one by one.

Surah Kafiroon:

Surah Kafirron is 109th Surah in Quran. Kafiroon is Arabic Word and meaning of Kafirroon is “Disbelievers”. This is Makki Surah and the message in this Surah is about Faith in Islam and if non Muslim refuses to accept Islam, we don’t bother to force them.

Surah Ikhlas:

Surah Ikhlaas is the 112th chapter of the Holy Quran, and it is considered to be one of the most important and powerful surahs in Islam. It is a short yet profound surah that emphasizes the Oneness of Allah (SWT) and the importance of belief in His unity. Surah Ikhlaas explains that Allah is unique and does not have any partners or associates.

It highlights the fact that Allah is eternal and self-sufficient, and He is not born nor does He give birth. Muslims believe that reciting Surah Ikhlaas regularly can bring blessings, purify the heart, and strengthen faith. It is a reminder to stay focused on the essential teachings of Islam and to maintain a strong connection with Allah.

Surah Falaq:

Surah Falaq is 113th Surah from the final chapter in Quran, and it is Makki Surah and it has 5 ayats. The Word Falaq is Arabic Word. This Surah is About Protection of Evil Eyes and Magic. It is a short but powerful Surah that seeks Allah’s protection from the evil of the creation, particularly from black magic, envy, and the evil eye.

The Surah highlights the importance of seeking refuge in Allah from all forms of harm, whether physical or spiritual, and shows the Muslim the way to protect himself from the influences of evil eyes.

Surah Nas:

Surah Nas is 114th Surah in Quran with 6 Ayats and it is Makki Surah. This Surah is for help of Allah from Evil Eyes and from protection from Jins. It is a short and powerful prayer that seeks refuge in Allah from the evil whispers of Satan and the temptations that he throws our way. It is a reminder that all humans are vulnerable to the whispers of Satan, but through our faith in Allah and our continuous remembrance of Him, we can overcome our weaknesses and stay on the straight path.

This Surah also reinforces the importance of seeking refuge in Allah and asking for His protection against all types of harm, whether it be physical or spiritual. Overall, Surah Al-Naas is a beautiful reminder of our reliance on Allah and the importance of seeking His protection in our daily lives.

Benefits of 4 Quls

  • Protection and warding off evil:
    Each Surah has its own special power and reciting them regularly can provide protection from evil forces, envy, and black magic.
  • Strengthening faith:
    Reciting the 4 Quls regularly can help in strengthening one’s faith and increasing their connection with Allah.
  • Healing properties:
    Some people believe that reciting the 4 Quls can help in healing physical and emotional ailments and provide relief from pain and suffering.
  • Cleansing the soul:
    Reciting the 4 Quls with sincerity and devotion can help in purifying the soul and seeking forgiveness from Allah.
  • Enhancing spiritual energy:
    The 4 Quls are considered to be powerful invocations that can enhance one’s spiritual energy and help in developing a stronger bond with Allah.

How many Surah Start with Qul?

There are a total 5 Surahs in the Quran that start with the word Qul. These Surahs are (1) Surah Jinn (72), (2)Surah Kafiroon (109), (3)Surah Ikhlas (112), (4)Surah Falaq (113), (5)Surah Nas (114).

Can I read 4 quls instead of dua e qunoot?

It is recommended to Read Dua e Qunoot in Witr Prayer. But if you have not memorized Dua e Qunoot, you can read any Dua or even you can read 4 Quls or Surah Ikhlas.

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