Ayat e Karima – Benefits and Importance

The verse Ayat e Karima was recited by Prophet Younas (AS) when he was swallowed by whale fish. He remained for three days in the stomach of fish. When the Prophet recited these important words, ALLAH showed mercy upon him and the fish spit him out by the order of ALLAH.

In Holy Quran, Ayat e Kareema is considered one of the most important verses. A large number of Muslims recite this important prayer on daily basis. They also believe that the benefits of this verse can solve many problems of life, forgiveness for sins, mercy, and the pleasure of ALLAH. Every Muslim believes that this verse is full of virtues.

Ayat e Karima is in the 7th para, 87th verse of the Surah Anbiya, in the Holy Quran.

Arabic Text:

The following is the Ayat e Karima as in the Quran:

Ayat e Karima Arabic Text

English Transliteration:

Its English transliteration will help you better understand how to read:

La Ilaha Illa Anata Subhanaka Inni Kuntu Minaz Zalimin

English Translation:

“There is no deity except You; exalted are You. Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers”.

Ayat e Karima Benefits and Importance:

Millions of Muslims believe that the Ayat e Kareema verse is full of virtues. They also recite it multiple times for solving the problems of life.

The following are the benefits of Ayat e Karima:

1: Forgiveness of Sins:

If we want that ALLAH forgives our sins, then Ayat e Karima is one of the blessing verses we have. There are serious sins such as Zina, Robbery, misbehavior to parents, stealing, and many others. Whatever the sins are, ALLAH will forgive our bad deeds by reciting such strong Ayat.

The prophet Younas AS recited this important Dua when he was in the stomach of whale fish. Upon reciting these verses, ALLAH got him out of the fish’s stomach and forgave him.

2: Problem Solving:

When the Prophet Younas AS was inside the Whale fish. He recited the only verses (Ayat e Karima) and ALLAH forgave him and ordered the whale to eject him safe and sound.

So, we have learned by reading the story of Prophet Younas AS that is how ALLAH forgave him. We also believe that it has much more power to attract the happiness of ALLAH as well as we can also solve the biggest problems of life.

3: Curing of Diseases:

There are lots of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, HIV, and heart problems in our societies and there are no treatments for these diseases. We can cure these diseases by reciting this blessing verses for a healthy life.

We can also solve psychological problems such as Anxiety, stress, and depression by reciting this important Ayat.

4: Remove Financial Issues:

Ayat e Kareema helps us to resolve all the financial issues such as money. We should need to have a strong belief that ALLAH is the only who can solve financial issues. These verses will help us to find a new job easily.

Some other Important Benefits of Ayat e Kareema are;

  • It solves the marriage issues
  • It Protect us from the black magic
  • It Overcomes all the difficulties
  • It is a cure for any time of magic

So, you can save yourselves from all the problems facing in your life by reciting this beautiful verses. Make a part of your life daily.

How to do Ayat e Karima Wazifa?

  • Make an ablution or without
  • Find out quiet calm place
  • Recite Darood e Ibrahim 11 times
  • Recite 100, or 313, or 125000 times
  • Make Dua to ALLAH regarding to your problem
  • In last again recite Darood e Ibrahim 11 times

Related Question About Ayat e Kareema:

In which Para Ayat e Kareema present?
Ayat e Karima is present in Para No: 17 of the Holy Quran

In which Surah Ayat e Kareema is Present?
Ayat e Karima is present in Surah No: 21 (Surah Anbiya)

How many times can we recite on daily basis?
There is no specific count for reciting this Ayat. When you want to recite Ayat e Karima you should need to recite the wholeheartedly.

Can we recite Ayat without Ablution?
Yes, you can recite without making an ablution.

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