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Nowadays, Online Quran classes have become an essential medium for Muslim students living in USA and western countries. The demand for E-learning Quran reached its highest level of popularity. In this modern era of technology, now parents prefer online learning for their kids despite physical traditional learning methods in classrooms.

The Online Quran learning system provides quality and equal education for all students of every age. Separate courses are designed for kids, adults, and women. E-Quran learning is an approachable system for every Muslim living in any country in the world. They can hire online tutors according to their demands from any Online Quran institute. Here is the complete guide of Quran By Skype Classes,

Software for Online Quran classes:

Several platforms and software are available for conducting online learning of the Quran and other courses. Most useable tools that are used worldwide are:

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Classroom

The purpose of all these software is the same – to conduct online classes for students and to create virtual classrooms to provide students an environment of the classroom. You can easily do a video call or voice call using this software. Teachers call their students at a prescribed time than teach through sharing screen and use all tools to explain the lectures interactively. Most online Quran classes are conducted through Skype because it’s interactive and feasible for all tutors and students. 

Online Classes of Quran by Skype:

Online Quran classes are trending in western countries due to their attractive and entertaining way of teaching. Skype has all features that make an online Quran class captivating for students. There would be face-to-face interaction between student and tutor, the screen is shared by the teacher for better understanding, files are shared by the teacher, tasks are assigned, homework submission by students, etc all can do without any effort. The proper platform of learning is provided by skype and students feel they are taking lectures in a physical classroom.

Moreover, skype infrastructure is continent and easy to use for students of all ages. Online Quran classes are available 24/7 through skype. Skype is free software that students can install on a laptop or phone and start their Online Quran learning. The use of this technology-oriented software can bring Online Quran classes, Arabic lessons, and Quranic lessons for Muslim students and also helpful for Quran Memorization. 

Lessons available on Skype:

With the enhancement of the trend of Online Quran teachings, several E-Quran Schools initiated their services worldwide and hire professional and experienced online Quran tutors for their foreign Quran students. Several courses are offered by Online Quran Academies (anchor link) like basic Qaida for kids, Arabic lessons through skype, Quran Translation, and Tafseer, etc. these all courses are accessible by online mediums like Skype. 

Benefits of Online Quran Classes:

The advantages of online Quran classes are numerous and range according to location and country. Skype is a bigger platform for conducting Online Quran classes and has several advantages of using this tool for Quran classes. Some are as follows:

1) One-to-one:

In Online Quran classes via Skype, there is a one-to-one interaction between tutor and student. Mostly in Online Quran classes just one student. So there would be no disturbance in-between. 

2) Entertaining medium of teaching:

Online tutors always try to make the class interactive through different entertaining Islamic applications. The special course outline is designed by tutors to make their sessions with students interactive. 

3) Accessible worldwide:

With the advancement of technology, now everything become accessible worldwide. Students from western countries hire online Quran tutors from Islamic countries like Pakistan and Qatar for their Quran classes and Arabic lessons via Skype. 

4) Availability of experienced Online Quran tutors:

As many online Quran institutes are available and they provide services through their experienced Quran tutors. Students can hire a Quran tutor that fulfills their study demands with classes of  Quran by skype . 

5) Learn Arabic speaking:

Online tutors usually teach in Arabic as scent their Quran students. In this way, students learn about the basic Arabic language and talk in Arabic as a scent. 

6) 24/7 classes:

Online Quran classes via Skype are available all time. E-Quran Schooling provides 24/7 services. Online Quran students can choose time according to their availability. 

Disadvantages of Online Quran Classes via Skype:

As every picture has a good and bad impact also. So using Skype for Online Quran classes may be problematic for many students. Like some scars of using Skype are:

  • no face-to-face interaction
  • connection may create problems during class
  • Students might not attentive when no interaction with the teacher
  • unavailability of course content in hard-form
  • no student’s competitive mind as the competition among students in physical classrooms


Concluding Remarks:

Online Quran classes conducted through Skype are a great remote platform for online students. Now Quran via skype enables all Muslim students around the world. Arabic lessons via Skype made all in-possibilities possible and all Quran learners fulfill their quest of Quran learning by enrollment in different Quran classes online which are conducted through Skype or Zoom. 


Can adults join Online Quran classes on skype? 

Yes, of course, the layout of Skype software is simple and easy to understand and students of every age group can take Quran classes via Skype. Video calling, creating a personal meeting, sharing files, and voice messages for women who can’t type all can do without any effort. Even kids can easily understand the infrastructure of Skype. 

Can we take Arabic lessons via Skype? 

Yes, we are providing different courses (anchor link) ranging for kids, youngsters, adults, and women. We offer special classes for Arabic lessons that are taught by our skilled and educated tutors. In this students would be enabled to learn basic Arabic language and communication in Arabic accessed

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