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Are you looking for Hifz e Quran classes online or Quran Memorization online? Ustad e Quran is here to help you. It is best program for those who are living in European countries and want to take Online Quran Memorization Course. This course is designed for Kids and Adults and we guide our students in every step. We use multiple Quran Memorization Techniques to teach Quran. You must have a good Pronunciation to Memorize Quran Online.

This course is more suitable for those students who wish to memorize Quran Online Completely or want to become a hafiz online, also have a Basic understanding of Reading QuranWe will provide you experienced teacher for Online Quran Memoriztion Classes step by step. At the end of this course, student would have memorized whole or some part of Holy Quran according to the course chosen by our Hifz Classes Online. The kids can easily Memorize Quran Online and memorize for long-period.

Our Hifz Classes Online are the Best quran classes for everyone who wants to Hifz Quran online. We have a variety of  courses for all of the students.

Quran is a book of light. When you take a decision, you will do all your efforts by heart and you will complete it in less time. By using the online medium, we provide our prestigious services of Online Memorizing the Holy Quran at home. Our aim is to provide Quality education of Quran in Muslim children and Adults worldwide. We teach our students through different mediums like Zoom, skype, Google Meet etc according to student’s choice. We have a variety of Online Quran Memorization courses. So Just Message Us and Start your free Trial Classes.

How to Memorize Quran Fast?

To Memorize the Quran, the first step is to learn Tajweed rules, after grip on the recitation of Quran. You will be able to Memorize all the Quran easily. Starting from verse to verse,  you will complete whole Quran.

How much time it takes to Memorize Quran Online?

It depends upon your learning abilities and interest, if you take Memorization course with full interst, it will take two years to Complete Online Quran Memorization course.

What is Best Age to Memorize Quran?

The Best Age to learn and Memorize Quran is childhood because children have sharp mind and have ability to easily pick and memorize. But there are no boundries of learning, if you have a firm faith, you will Memorize at any age because age is just a number and you will take Hifz Classes online at any age.

How to Memorize Quran or take Hifz Classes Online?

The best way to memorize the Quran after hifz is to make a routine of daily revision. In this way, you will not forget Memorized Quran easily.

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We are an Online Quran Teaching Academy that provide different Quran courses online. Join Us and start learning Quran with Us.

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