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Ustad e Quran Academy is aiming to teach students learn quran online with Tajweed rules. For this purpose, we take initiative of organizing Tajweed classes online,  and these classes will be led by our professional tutors of Quran that are certified Hafiz-e-Quran and Qari. Quran is a Book of guidance,but reading the Quran without proper tajweed rules may change the original meanings of ayats. So to avoid these mistakes and sins while reciting you should be aware of all basic tajweed rules of the Quran.

What do you mean about Tajweed rules?

As Quran said, “And Recite the Quran with Tarteel” (Quran 73:4). Tarteel means reciting the Quran with proper pronunciation and slowly. It says we should recite the Quran with proper measured recitation that sounds better.

Tajweed means ‘to improve’ and it is a set of rules that gives an idea; how to pronounce Quran words during recitation.While Quran recitation with its all due rights of tajweed, we will observe the way of reading each letter. Quran recitation with proper tajweed rules make its all rights of reading with Tarteel possible.

Importance of Tajweed rules: 

Reading the Quran with proper tajweed makes a real sensation of how beautiful Allah had created this book and you really feel comfort while reading the Quran. Reading the Quran with proper tajweed rules is really a peace-of-mind and you will mentally relax. Tajweed rules are like game rules that we have to apply while reciting Quran recitation. When you read the Quran with proper tajweed rules you will feel the ups and downs in your voice; somewhere you have to pronounce bold letters, some linenent; some ikhfaà and somewhere you have to do Qalqala.

So, to sum-up, you will enjoy and be entertained by this game. If you do not apply and focus on tajweed then you might pronounce words or letters wrong and the meaning of the word or sentence will change, that is a great sin. With our Online tajweed classes, students will be able to read and pronounce the Quran with tajweed rules.

Our Tajweed course:

We offer Holy Quran Tajweed Classes for children and adults. We have a great faculty of Online Quran Tajweed tutors who will guide you in a proper way. The sole aim of our online Tajweed lessons is to help students become experts at Quran recitation with Tajweed. So we provide Best place for you. No matter if you are in another country, we provide our Quran teaching services worldwide. 

We will not only guide you through Quran Tajweed, but we will also assist with the practice you need. You will see a change in your Quran Reading within no time. If you are looking for Best Online Tajweed Course, you are welcome to contact us and ask us whatever you want.


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How to learn Tajweed e Quran?

If you want to learn the Tajweed-e-Quran, you can start with Norani Qaida where you will learn about basic rules of reading the Quran. With learning of basic Qaida, you will get the idea of pronunciation of letters, joining words and where to do ikhfaà, gunna, qalqalah. Once you have a strong grip on Arabic rules, you can easily recite the Quran with Tajweed.

How to learn Quran Online With Tajweed?

If you are interested in learning the Quran, then you should listen to the recorded Qirat of your favorite Qari. In this way, your heart will be melted towards Quran sayings and you will get motivated to learn Quran with proper tajweed. You can also learn Online Tajweed by choosing an expert Quran tutor online or learn Tajweed by learning basic principles of Quran with help from Books like Norani Qaida, Ahsan-ul-Qaida etc.

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