Surah Noor (Download PDF, Read Online and Benefits)

Surah e Noor is 24th Surah in the Holy Quran having 64 Ayats and it is present in Para No 18. The Word Noor is an Arabic Word and the Meaning is “The Light”. This Surah has 9 Ruku and it is revealed in Madina.

Surah Al Nur is Called Noor because in this Surah, the Word Noor or Light used several times. In this Surah, God talked about the light of the Heaven and Earth. In this Surah, there are different topics discussed especially topics related to Women and Hijab, False Witness,  Cloud and Rain Formation, Permission for entering in a house.

Surah Name Surah Al Noor
Surah Number 24
No of Ayats 64
Revelation Place Medina

Surah Noor PDF:

Here you can Download the Complete PDF of Surah e Noor from the below Button. You can download the PDF Format of this Surah from Here.


Surah Al Nur Read Online:

Here you can Read the Complete Surah Noor Online in images Format.

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Benefits of Surah e Noor:

  1. Reciting Surah Noor Increases the Face Beauty of a Person and solves the Skin Problems. If you have Acne or spots in your Face, Reciting this Surah regularly will solve your issue.
  2. Reading Surah Al Noor saves a person from wet dreams
  3. This is a Surah that We have revealed and commanded, and within it, We have sent down clear signs, so that you may be guided.
  4. Recitation of this Surah helps in Forgiveness from God
  5. Reciting Ayat Number 35 of Surah Noor helps in Prevention from Weak Eyesight
  6. This Surah is Important for Women and helps in guiding women related to Covering face, marriage and limitations of Women
  7. Reciting this Surah will prevents difficulties from a Reciter’s life
  8. Reciting Surah e Noor will saves a Person from evil eyes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Surah Brings Noor on Face?

Reciting Surah Noor on Regular Basis Increases the Noor on your Face and Increase your Emaan.

Is Surah Noor Makki or Madani?

Surah Noor is Revelard in Madina, so it is Madni Surah.

How many Number of Words Present in Surah Noor?

This Surah Contains 11488 Words.

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