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Ustad e Quran Online Academy is an Online Based Quran teaching Academy that provides you the Best environment for online Quran learning, We provide online Quran classes for kids, Adults, Males, and Females. Our Expert Online Quran Tutors efficiently teach you Quran with flexible timings. We offer to learn to read Quran, Quran for beginners, tajweed rules, Norani Qaida, Duas, and many other Courses at Affordable Prices.

Ustad e Quran has been established to teach the Quran with proper punctuation and vocabulary, our teachers are well qualified and experienced and Provide Classes With proper Tajweed Rules via Skype, Zoom, or Google Classroom.

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We are an Online Quran Teaching Academy that provide different Quran courses online. Join Us and start learning Quran with Us.

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