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Online Quran Academy

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Ustad e Quran Online Academy is an Online Based Quran teaching Academy. It provides you the Best environment and Best Quran Tutors for Quran learning, We provide online Quran classes for kids, Adults, Males, and Females. Our Expert Online Quran Tutors efficiently teach you Quran with flexible timings. We offer to learn to read Quran, Quran for beginners, tajweed rules, Noorani Qaida, Duas, and many other Courses at Affordable Prices with our Best Online Quran Academy.

Ustad e Quran has been established to teach the Quran with proper punctuation and vocabulary and it is best quran learning website, our Best Quran teachers are well qualified and experienced. The Best way of Learning Quran Online is to hire a Quran teacher that will guide you and teaches you in a proper way for expert quran course online. Our focus is to improve Tajweed and Quran Recitation of students. Our Best Online Quran Tutor Provide Classes With proper Tajweed Rules via Skype quran classes, Zoom, or Google Classroom. Our Courses are :

  1. Online Quran Tajweed Course
  2. Online Quran Memorization
  3. Online Quran Recitation Course
  4. Learn Quran Online
  5. Online Quran Classes for Kids

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Why Ustad e Quran?

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Learning Quran from Home

Ustad e Quran is Online Quran teaching Academy for those who want to learn and read Quran by Distance Learning. As COVID-19 takes everything online, so it is the Best Opportunity to learn Quran at home from our Best online Quran tutors. Our Qualified and professional staff will teach you in a more easy, Interactive, and understandable way with the help of tools and methods. It is a great opportunity for those who want learning Quran for beginners with experienced Quran tutors. We have set and maintain proper code of conduct for quran learning online sessions. That’s why Ustad e Quran is Best Online Quran Teaching Academy in US, UK and Australia.

Certified Quran Tutors :

Our first priority is student satisfaction. So our teaching staff is well educated and expert in Quran teaching with strong Tajweed Knowledge and experience as well. We always prefer to hire a teacher that is not only good at teaching but also builds the good character of students. Our expert Qaris help students to learn the quran online. We offer Trial Quran Classes for students and the main purpose of Trial Online Quran Classes is to provide opportunity to students to check teaching method of Our Online Quran Qaris for expert quran courses online. We have a proper selection process of Quran teachers, after passing that selection, quran tutor able to teach quran online via skype quran classes, that’s why we have Best Online Quran tutors staff.

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Flexible Timings :

Due to some situation, sometimes it is difficult for students to follow a proper schedule of classes, even student miss their physical classes in madarsa or masjid due to time issue. We solve this problem by introducing different Online Quran courses at Ustad e Quran that is Best Online Quran Academy. It is common question of learners or students that how to learn Quran online at proper time. That’s why we introduced courses to facilitate students by choosing online classes according to their available time. It will give freedom to students that they can manage their class time according to their free time, our Quran Qari can teach quran online according to your availability and that opportunity is not available in madarsa classes, so our online quran teaching academy provide you Best Quran tutors as well as it is Best Website for Learning Quran Online.

One on One Online Quran Session With Quran Tutor :

It is difficult for teacher to give attention to all the students at the same time in madarsa or masjid class. That is the reason we are providing one on one sessions with your online quran tutor when taking a quran class online. It is the best method to understand and able to read the quran online with the help of Best Quran teachers online. Ustad e Quran is good e learning quran online institute for all.

Our Services

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Online Quran With Tajweed

With the help of expert Quran tutors, we help students to learn the tajweed rules in our tajweed courses.

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Online Quran Recitation

In this course, our Best Online Quran tutors will teach you how to read and recite Quran verses online.

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Quran Memorization

Ustad e Quran Academy is providing Hifz e Quran Courses. Our experienced Qaris teach you how to memorize Quran Online.

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What are the Benefits of Learning Quran From Us?

Nowadays, It is more convenient to learn quran online rather than going to Madarsa. Technology is improving day by day and there are many tools available that are helpful in teaching online quran in an easy way. Learning Arabic online is easy with this Software.It is Best opportunity for students to take skype quran classes Moreover, our teachers can teach Arabic, English, and Urdu. Our Teaching Staff is Hafiz e Quran and they can teach you Quran in Arabic accent with Tajweed with Best Quran Teachers online.

How to Take Quran Classes Online? 

It is the choice of students to select the software for online quran learning. There are multiple tools available for video classes and some famous are Zoom, Skype, and Google Classroom that will be Best for expert quran course online. The most used software is skype quran classes. It is up to the students to select any software and start Quran reading Online With their Best Quran tutors at our Online Quran teaching Academy.

Comparison Between Quran Teaching Online VS Madarsa Classes?

There are multiple reasons that you should choose to learn Quran at home. You can learn quran from home easily as you don’t need to go outside of your home and also it will save your time. It is also a Benefit of Learning Quran from home that your tutor of Quran can give full attention to a single student as compared to Madarsa where many students take a class at the same time. That is the reason, Best Quran tutors are mostly teaching online. With Ustad e Quran, you can communicate with us and plan a Quran class online according to your free time. We also offer discounts on multiple students with Best Online Quran tutors services.

What if the student is not satisfied with Quran Teacher?

Student satisfaction is our first priority. If a student faces difficulty in understanding and learning word by word Quran Online, he can Contact Us at any stage, Our support is available 24/7 and we will try our best to resolve the issue by replacing the Quran teacher or make actions according to the student’s instructions. Our Quran Qaris teach the students word by word Quran and they have proper training about how to deal with kids and Adults in learning Holy Quran at home Word by word.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there any Disccount for more than one student?

Yes, We are offering special discounts on multiple students. We give 10% off for 2nd student. Get in touch now about discounts and offers at Ustad e Quran for Best Quran teachers.

Can I schedule Class Time According to my Availability?

Yes, We are providing this option to choose online Quran classes timing according to your free time. In this way, you can learn with more attention.

Is there any option to change Quran Tutor Online?

Yes, We are providing opportunity to change your Online Quran Instructor. But this is happening in very few cases as we have professional Quran Qaris that are Best Online Quran tutors .

Can I Take Trial Classes With my Online Quran Teacher?

Yes, you can take 3 Days free Demo Quran Classes with your Best Online Quran Tutor to understand the environment. We only need to require your Registration at Ustad e Quran Online Quran Teaching Academy.

Which Countries or Languages do you prefer to Teach?

We are operating worldwide and offer online classes at all over the World. But we are Based in UK, USA and Australia and our Best Quran tutors teaches you in English language.

Which Online Quran Courses do you offer?

We are offering different Online courses for muslims like Quran memorization course, online Quran Reading course, Quran Tajweed Online course, and Norani Qaida courses for kids and Adults at Our Best Online Quran Academy.
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We are an Online Quran Teaching Academy that provide different Quran courses online. Join Us and start learning Quran with Us.

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