Best Ways For Quran Memorization online

Every Muslim wants to Memorize the Holy Quran. But the fact is that Memorizing the Quran is not so easy. A student needs dedication and hard work to Memorize the Holy Quran. In case you are a beginner, you may face some hurdles. Now a Question is How Quran Memorization Online done? You can hire a professional Quran tutor online for this purpose.

When you decide on Quran Memorization Online, the Teacher will help you to get better results in your online Quran Memorization classes. But there are a few practices and steps that you can follow to easily memorize Quran online as a newbie.

Importance for Quran Memorization for the Beginners

It is the basic need of every Muslim to Memorize at least some part of the Quran. If we pray salah, we recite Quran surah to complete the salah. Also, it is the desire of every Muslim to memorize some part or whole Quran. It is also the belief of Muslims that the Quran is the only path that leads you to the Jannah. So, learning and Memorizing the Quran is the first step to the right path.

  • Quran Memorization Online for Kids

Kids can easily learn the Quran online. It is the Best advantage for kids that they have a sharp memory and they can easily Memorize the Quran online with little effort.

  • Quran Memorization Online for Adults

Adults also need to Memorize or learn Quran because after learning they know what our Holy Book required and says to us and how to follow the right path. With the help of the right Quran teachers online you can easily Memorize Quran with your efforts.

Ways to Memorize Quran Online :

For Memorizing Quran Online, a student needs to follow some basic steps, with the help of those steps, he can easily able to memorize the Quran. Here are some of the steps.

memorize quran online

  • Start Memorizing With Easy Juzz

It is the general rule for every work is that you start with easy steps, the same goes with online Quran Memorization classes, you can start Memorizing from the easy part of the Quran. It will be easy to start. After some time, you become experienced in Memorizing, it will be easy for you to Memorize any part of the holy Quran. Most students start Memorizing from the last part of the Quran Because it has smaller chapters and it is also recommended to start learning from 30th Juzz.

  • Make a Proper Schedule for Memorization

It is the duty of the student to specify the proper timing for the Quran Memorization, when you make the proper schedule of learning, it will give better outcomes. Quran Memorization will be easy when you schedule some hours daily and give your complete focus to Memorizing it. You can also take Quran Memorization Course .

  • Listen Memorized Part Repeatedly

One of the secrets of Quran Memorization is to listen to your Memorized part from different Qaris online on youtube. It will give you two advantages :

  1. Improve your Tajweed by listening to Qaris
  2. By listening, it will remain in your mind for a long term
  • Revise Memorized Part Again and Again

If you want to Memorize, you must Revise Again and Again that part which you Memorize. By Revising, Again and Again, it will be permanently stored in your mind and you will Memorize it for the long term. It will be helpful for your Quran Memorization online.

  • Revise Previously Memorized part on a daily Basis

After Memorizing the specific part, you must Revise that specific part on the daily basis, if you did not do so, you will forget that part after some time period. You must Revise the previously Memorized parts with a proper schedule.

  • Take Classes from Online Quran Academy

In every field, you can learn more with proper guidance from your teacher, In Quran Memorizing, It is great if you take classes from Online Quran Academy(Backlink of Home Page) AS your Online Quran teacher will guide you throughout your journey and you will be easily memorize Quran with your tutor’s guide.

 How Ustad e Quran helps you in Memorizing Quran Online?

Here are few ways Ustad e Quran Academy helps you in better Quran Memorization Online Classes.

  • We provide  One– One Online Classes for our students. In this way, students can get full attention and Memorize Quran easily and recite his Memorized part in Infront of their teacher.
  • Our Academy has Qualified Online Quran Tutors Who works on students learning and Our Quran teachers have Ijazah from different Boards.

If you want to know about the Advantages to Start E learning Quran, you can read this.

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