8 Best Surahs To Memorize Quran – Easy Guide

Ali bin Talib narrated a hadith that The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Whoever recites the Quran and memorizes it, Allah will admit him to Paradise due to it, and grant him intercession for ten of his family members”.

Importance of Learning Best Quran Surahs:

We can understand the importance of memorizing the Quran from hadith. However, the mental capability of each person is not the same to learn the whole Quran, so every Muslim should try to memorize Quran best Surahs as much as he can. As it is very clear from the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (SAW) that Learn and Memorize the Quran even a single chapter or a single ayah of this because it may prevent you from fire in hereafter life.

There is a total of 114 surahs in the Qur’an and each Surah is full of divine laws. Although there should be no superiority between Surahs of the Quran because each Surah has its specific important message for humanity. But certain Surahs that carry special significance are to be recited in the daily routine of Muslims and should be memorized. So here is a list of the 8 best Surahs and their importance respectively. Read this guide till the end to get the list of best surahs to memorize and every muslim try to learn and memorize this.

best quran surahs to memorize

1. Surah Al-Fatiha:

This is the first also a gateway of the Quran and is most repeatedly recited as Surah in Quran. it is the Surah to be mandatorily recited in five obligatory prayers. Surah Fatiha is a cure for every disease and whoever recites this Surah comes under the protection of Allah. This is one of the easiest Surrah to memorize.

2. Surah Baqarah:

This is the second and the largest Surah of the Quran. Recitation of this Surah will keep you away from Shaitan and all evils. Although this Surah is too long to memorize if any Muslim couldn’t memorize it fully then he should memorize the last 2 ayahs of Surah Baqarah. who recites the last ayahs before sleeping then Allah will take that person under His protection.

3. Surah Al- Kahf:

This is the 18th Surah of the Holy Quran. Surah Kahf holds its significance with the day Friday. This is narrated in the hadith that one who recites this Surah on Friday his sins between two Fridays would be forgiven by Allah (SWT) and he would be amongst who will shine on the day of Judgment. And that person who will memorize the first 10 ayahs of this Surah will protect from the rebellion of Dajjal.

4. Surah Yaseen:

This 36th Surah of the Quran and known to be the “heart of the Quran”. Holy Prophet said whoever will read this Surah will be awarded the same person who will recite the Quran 10 times. Surah Yaseen, if memorized, would never let a person go astray.

5. Surah Rehman:

This is the 55th Surah of the Quran and called “beauty of the Quran”. Surah Rehman provides internal peace to the heart, mind, and soul. This Surah recitation is played in cardiac hospitals to cure heart patients. It improves mental health as well. A saying from Muhammad (SAW) is: “A person who recites Surah Rehman daily after Ishah prayer, will die in the state of purity”.

6. Surah Waqiah:

This is the 56th Surah of the Quran. Surah Waqiah is termed as the “Surah of wealth” because this Surah is a great blessing for all Muslims as it brings abundance and prosperity while protecting the Muslims from their vast financial issues and poverty. This Surah should be recited after Maghrib Salah.

7. Surah Mulk:

This is the 67th Surah of the Quran, a Surah of just 30 verses. If this Surah will be recited before sleeping at night then Allah protects that person by sending an angel. Surah Mulk will not protect a Muslim just in this life but also in the hereafter.

8. Three Qul:

Three Qul comprises the last 3 Surahs of the Quran. These are named so because these Surahs start with the word ‘Qul’. These Surahs are named as Ikhlas, Falaq, and Naas. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to recite 3 Quls before sleeping, he used to blow it on his hands and then rub these hands-on specific parts of his body. Recitation and memorization of these Surahs will shield a person from Shaitan, Jinns, and magic.


What are the best surahs to memorize for protection?
The last three surah of Quran are memorized for the protection from the evil eyes and protection of every muslim. It is habit of our Prophet Muhammad( صلى الله عليه وسلم) to read last three Surah in the morning and evening.
What are the Best Surahs to Memorize for prayer?
The Best Surah for Prayer are those that you can memorize. For Namaz, you can Memorize Surah Al Asar, Surah Nas, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, Surah Nas as these Surahs are short and everyone can easily Memorize these surahs for Namaz.
Best Way to Memorize surahs?
The Best Way to Memorize Surahs is to repeatedly revise Surah again and again, As the more you revise Surah, more you will Memorize and also build a habit of listening to your Memorized Surah from Online Qaris.

Hence, these are the 8 best Surahs that should be memorized by every Muslim. Try to recite 3-5 ayahs daily with your own will. If you can’t memorize these yourself then you should hire a tutor. We also provide Online male/female expert Quran tutors. So, you can contact us as your priority without any hesitation.

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