Manzil Dua – (PD Download, Read Online and Benefits)

Manzil is the Collection of Surahs or Verses of Quran. It is believed that those who recite Manzil will be protected and can gain spiritual strength. Manzil is an Arabic word and the meaning of Manzil is “Destination” OR  in the Arab World, a house or it is used as a place of rest, especially by travelers. It is a strong belief that reading a Manzil can protect Muslims from Harm and give protection and it is also recommended to Recite Manzil after every prayer. It is also believed that it can protect from Black Magic and it is good for removing sickness.

I assure you that at the end of this Dua Manzil, you will every solution of your problem. For example, if you are suffering from different difficulties then recite this Dua Manzil. It is the blessing for you. If you are suffering cureless diseases then read this Dua Manzil. You will save from illness.

For Manzil Dua, there are different versions with each version having different Combinations of verses and reading time instructions. Here is version of Manzil Dua Read Online:

  • Surah Al-Fatihah
  • Surah Al-Baqarah (verses 1-5)
  • Surah Al-Baqarah (verses 102-105)
  • Surah Al-Baqarah (verses 201-203)
  • Surah Al-Baqarah (verses 286-287)
  • Surah Al-Baqarah (verses 255-257)
  • Surah Al-A’raf (verses 117-122)
  • Surah Al-Isra (verses 110-112)
  • Surah Al-Kahaf (verses 1-10)

Hee you can download the Full PDF Version of Manzil Dua with Urdu translation:


Manzil Dua Read Online:


Every Muslim knows that Quran is the blessing for him. Dua Manzil is also a combination of different Surahs of Holy Quran. So, it is also a blessing for every Muslims.

Here I am discussing with you different benefits of Dua Manzil.

  • It purifies the heart of reader of these verses.
  • Reading these verses protects from Allah’s refuge from his anger and punishment.
  • It increases optimistic approach.
  • It is also helpful to prevent nightmares and bad dreaming.
  • Manzil Dua can protect everyone from evil eyes.
  • Reading Manzil Dua for the cure of patients of Evil eyes is also helpful.
  • A patient can listen to Manzil Dua for his cure.
  • Manzil Dua is helpful for all types of calamities including financial etc.
  • Reading this is also helpful in marriage problems for boys and girls.
  • Reading this can solve any type marriage problem including financial, family or rejection problems.

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What is Dua Manzil?

Manzil Dua is the collection of different verses of different Surahs of Holy Quaran.

What is the main purpose reciting Dua Manzil?

The main purpose of reciting dua Manzil to prevent from Black magic, evil eye, financial crises etc.

Which Surah comes more time in Dua Manzil?

Surah Al-Bakrah comes more time in Dua Manzil.

What is the best time to recite Dua Manzil?

Every Muslim can recite Dua Manzil at any time but it is better for a Muslim to recite Dua Manzil 2 time after every prayer to fulfill his wishes.

How many surahs come in Dua Manzil?

5 Surah comes in Dua Manzil.

How many verses came in Dua Manzil?

Approximately 33 different verses of different Surahs came in Dua Manzil.

What is the name of 5 Surahs in Dua Manzil?

The name of Surahs is as follows:

  • Surah Al-Fatihah
  • Surah Al-Bakrah
  • Surah Al-a’raf
  • Surah Al-Isra
  • Surah AL-Kahf

What is the miracle of Dua Manzil?

Ibne – sireen told that, once I went on travel and robbers came there at night. They came again and again at night but they cannot reach us. They attacked 100 times on us but every time they saw a wall between us. After a long time they feel ashamed and seek forgiveness to Allah. The reason of not reaching the robbers to us is that, I recited the dua Manzil.

What is the benefit of reciting Dua Manzil?

Reading these verses protects from Allah’s refuge from his anger and also increases faith in Allah.

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