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Online Quran Classes in Different Locations

As with the advancement of technology, the traditional learning system is vanishing with the days. Now all Quran Courses are available away from one click and can accessed through internet service with online classes. Now students also prefer an online learning system as this E-learning is secure, one-to-one interaction and entertaining way of learning. That’s students of this era taking a vast interest in online classes. 

As all academic systems, are the go-to online medium, so online Quran classes in western countries also become popular.Quran Learning through online mediums spreading more by time. Quran students from western countries like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, etc hire online Quran tutors from Pakistan or Iran through online mediums. These online Quran classes are taken through skype or zoom. You just have a strong internet connection and laptop or any device to take online Quran lessons. 

In this article, we will discuss the E-Quran learning system in different countries. As each country or area has its criteria according to the restrictions of that country. 

  1. Online Quran Classes in Sharjah

In Sharjah, before online Quran classes students used to go to madrasa or mosques, and female students who couldn’t go to madrasa due to hijab issues; hire home tutors.TO overcome issues of students and best learning experience,, Online Quran teaching is the best possible solution.

We are offering different Quran courses for Sharjah students. You can select and enroll in any one of these mentioned courses. The courses are:

  • Basic Qaida
  • 6 Kalmas and duas
  • Quran Reading with tajweed
  • Quran Memorization
  • Quran Translation
  1. Online Quran Classes in Dubai:

As UAE is an Arab country, there are several Islamic institutions where people Quran learning for Muslim students are there. But these madrasas and Mosques are far away from their societies. So parents prefer online Quran classes. They hire an online tutor for their kids to give their kids an environment of Islamic studies. In this way, students will not be cut off from religion. 

3: Online Quran Classes in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi is one of the states of UAE, where people from almost all countries come for jobs or business and got settled here. So, societies are formed according to different countries’ populations. Although there are various Pakistani Muslim communities in AbuDhabi and their educational institutions are following the Pakistani system.

But there are no proper Islamic institutions like madrasa from where Muslim students can learn Quran; they are still following western culture all over the country. 

So, parents do prefer Online Quran classes for their kids. We are offering different Quran courses for online Muslim students. Ustad-e-Quran designed separate course content for each age group for kids we are offering basic courses to build their strong basis and for youngsters and adults, we are offering specialized courses. You can get all these in just one click by registering. 

  1. Online Quran classes for Bahrain:

Ustad-e-Quran offers its services all over the world. Behrin is also included in this and several Behrrian students are learning Quran online. We also designed specific course content for women and we give preference to your demand and alter the courses according to your wishes. 

5: Online Quran Classes for Qatar:

Qatar is considered a country of minorities but valuable with natural resources. As there is not so much demand if Islamic madrassa for Muslim students due to less population so Muslim families of Qatar choose E-Quran schools for their children. We offer special courses in Arabic speaking and basic tajweed learning that have become popular among Qatar’s students. 

  1. Online Quran Classes in Kuwait:

Kuwait is one of the Islamic countries that follow Islamic laws and regulations. Proper Islamic institutions are there where Muslim students can get Islamic education. As the E-Quran learning system is spreading all over the world, this trend also become popular in Kuwait. Parents do prefer an online learning system for their kids as there is no protection of children’s concerns and no hustle and bustle of traffic. You just have to take Quran classes from home. 

  1. Online Quran Classes in Muscat:

We are also offering Online Quran courses for the people of Muscat. We designed courses for each age group separate courses for kids, youngsters, females, and adults. Muslim students living in Muscat also take interest in Online Quran learning as this is most interesting and lawful for kids. In this way, they learn in a friendly environment and get their learning goals in no time. 

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