Can you read Quran without Wudu?

Simply the answer would be NO. We can’t read Quran without wudu. As we study Islamic obligations and perceptions, there we found two different schools of thought on this religious matter. Let’s discuss this emerging issue in every aspect. 

Islam is such a beautiful and perfect religion that it clarifies its teachings in all matters of life. Islam dictates every Muslim to live a life of cleanliness; even Islam made purity half of Iman. Wudu is one of the sources to get purity against Janab. Wudu is obligatory in three ibadah- Namaz, Tawaf, and Quran. As far as reciting the Quran is concerned, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said it’s compulsory, as he suggested Shahbaz do wudu when you intend, to recite Quran.

In the reign of the Holy Prophet, people used to do Wudu to do even a small act of kindness; so how it can be possible to recite the Holy book (Quran) without wudu. But at that time, there were not any digital media, people used to recite Quran from Mas’haf. Now, with the popularity of technology applications of the Quran, a question arises can we read Quran without Wudu.

Can we touch Quran without Wudu?

A verse of the Quran quotes about this:

لَّا يَمَسُّهُ إِلَّا الْمُطَهَّرُونَ

“None touch it except the purified” (Surah Al-Waqiah)

According to most scholars, it is not permissible for Muslims to touch the Quran without wudu. The four Imams agreed to this fatwa. But some Islamic scholars have a different view on this and in their opinion in this verse of the Quran, purity doesn’t mean getting over wudu. Here purity is clean hands; means you can’t touch Quran with dirtiness or in the condition of Janaba.

If you have to touch the Quran purposively of reciting it, you should do Wudu first. But if you are touching the Quran unintendedly of reading it just to pick it, for cleanliness or to change the position of the Quran then you don’t need to do wudu. So it can be said that in the end there is some situation where wudu is must touch the Quran and there are some scenarios in which wudu is not mandatory; it all depends on your intention for what motive you want to touch Quran.

Can we recite Quran without wudu?

Again scholars have two different opinions on this question. Some scholars agree that we should do wudu when we are reciting from the book as Quran is the Holy and most precious book for Muslims. To become aware of the importance of the Quran, we can’t read the Mushaf without wudu. As our Holy Prophet (SAW) never recited the Quran without wudu and also suggested his Shabbas do wudu before Quran recitation. An important saying of the Holy Prophet in this regard is:

إِنِّي كَرِهْتُ أَنْ أَذْكُرَ اللَّهَ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ إِلاَّ عَلَى طُهْرٍ

“I disliked remembering Allah except in the state of purification” (Sunan Abi Dawood)

Scholars have also a strong argument for this view that by wudu our tongue got purified from all trasheries. The Quran should be read with pure tongue.

Another viewpoint of the scholar is Quran can be read without Wudu as often Hafiz-e-Quran read from memory not from Quran; they can read without wudu. Wudu is a must if you want to recite the Quran from Mushaf (book form of Quran).

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Can you Read Quran on your Phone Without Wudu?

Here confusion arises in scholars’ minds as during the resignation of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) there was not any concept of electronic devices, Quran applications, or mobiles; people use to recite Quran from Mashaf after doing wudu. So, following His Sunnah, we should do wudu for Quran recitation either from Quran or on any electronic devices. By doing wudu the tongue with which we pronounce Quranic words becomes pure.

But, in this technological era, many scholars say it is permissible for you to read Quran from digital Quran apps without wudu. You can recite Quran from an android application without wudu as here you don’t need to touch the Quran book, you are just reading on your phone. 

Can we read Quran Translation without wudu?

The Quran Translation books comprise 50% of Quran verses, allowable to touch that Quran without wudu. As Muslims read Quran translation for learning purposes, it’s permitted by scholars to read without wudu. There is relaxation given to young girls who want to read Quran translation for learning during their menstruation periods, they can without wudu.

Can we learn Quran online without wudu?

In E-Quran learning, students often learn Quran from online classes. Although online tutors share a screen from which you can read Quran, there is no need to read from a physical book but that doesn’t mean you can recite Quran in an online class without wudu. So, you should perform ablution for learning Quran online because you should be in a state of purity for Quran recitation.

Can you Read Quran Without Hijab?

Yes, You can simply Read Quran Without Hijab as there is no any such requirement to do Hijab while reading Quran. The only thing is to do Wudu to read Quran.

Does Sweating Break Wudu?

No, Sweating does not break wudu. But if you feel unpleasant from sweating, it is recommended to ghusl or Wudu to read the Quran or prayer.

Does Eating Break Wudu?

No, Eating does not break wudu. You can eat anything and it has no Concern with Wudu. Ablution of a person is not invalidated by eating. But make sure to eat only halal items.

Can you make Dua anytime?

Yes, you can make Dua anytime you want. There is not any restriction of Wudu for Dua. You can make dua whenever you want.


In the last, it would be better to quote that Islam is such a perfect religion that every Muslim can adopt its teachings without any hesitation. Islam gave relaxation in all aspects. In the same way, reciting Quran without wudu is a great relief for all Muslims. These all views are from scholars narrated in the chain from different Shahbas that might be perceived as wrong. 

But Allah knows best!

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